Latest Google update related to SEO 2022

Latest Google update related to SEO 2022

1. Yoast SEO announcement – 

Yoast seo has announced that the yoast seo paid version is available on shopify with a 14 day free trial. It helps to increase the findability and readability of the pages, and creates a schema database via a yoast.

2. Microsoft index my protocol – 

Microsoft announced that they are submitting to Google webmaster the index my protocol. My protocol is an immediate index, but Google can’t index my protocol.

Currently, around 80,000 websites also follow the index protocol. Microsoft launched a new plugin for this named Indexnow plugin.

3. 7 days restriction for new manager or owner in GMB/GBP – 

When given access to a new ID as a manager or owner in GMB or GBP, then they are under a 7 day restriction. like – 

  • These new IDs can’t remove or delete the old owner profile.
  • They can’t be the primary owner.
  • They also make every primary owner.

4. Google Search Console  Changing – 

Google announced that the search console now has a dedicated desktop section in its page experience report to help site owners understand Google’s good page experience criteria.

5.Google changed the recipe type schema data rule – 

 If you have a cooking type website or cooking type schema data on your site, this is for you. Google changed the recipe type schema data rule to use a fixed time instead of a time range.

6. Josiphine – 

WordPress launched its new 5.9 version named “Josiphine”, with a new feature that full site editing, and the 2022 theme is the default theme for now. And also, you have to global changing in your site page.

7. Google search console breadcrumb changing – 

 Google has internally changed its own reporting method of breadcrumb and how to schema data in the Google search console.

8. Google launched a URL inspection API – 

Google has launched a URL inspection API. This API provides a facility for inspection of URL’s in bulk.

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